is an option for three-dimensional graphics functions that specifies grid lines to draw on the faces of the bounding box.


  • The following settings can be given for FaceGrids:
  • Noneno grid lines drawn
    Allgrid lines drawn on all faces
    {face1,face2,}grid lines drawn on the specified faces
    {{face1,{xgrid1,ygrid1}},}details of grid lines specified
  • Faces are specified as {dirx,diry,dirz}, where two of the diri must be 0, and the third one must be +1 or -1.
  • For example, the xy face with smallest z value is specified as {0,0,-1}.
  • For each face, specifications {xgridi,ygridi} can be given to determine the arrangement of grid lines. These specifications have the form described in the notes for GridLines.
  • FaceGridsStyle gives default styles to use for face grids. »


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Basic Examples  (3)

Put grids on every face of a 3D graphic:

Put grids on both faces:

Specify the overall style of face grids, using FaceGridsStyle:

Scope  (5)

FaceGrids Positions  (2)

Put face grids on the plane:

Put face grids on the plane:

On the plane, put grid lines on , , and :

Put face grids at the specified positions, on both and planes:

FaceGrids Styling  (3)

Specify the style of each face grid:

Specify overall style of face grids, using FaceGridsStyle:

Individually styled face grids can be used with FaceGridsStyle, and have higher priority:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Face grids are placed on the major ticks by default:

Neat Examples  (1)

Only show face grids behind a 3D graphic:

Introduced in 1991
Updated in 2007