is an option for Graphics, Manipulate, and related functions that specifies labels to be placed on the edges of a frame.


  • FrameLabel->None specifies that no labels should be given.
  • FrameLabel->label specifies a label for the bottom edge of the frame.
  • FrameLabel->{bottom,left} specifies labels for the bottom and lefthand edges of the frame.
  • FrameLabel->{{left,right},{bottom,top}} specifies labels for each of the edges of the frame.
  • Any expression can be specified as a label. It will be given by default in TraditionalForm. Arbitrary strings of text can be given as "text". »
  • Labels for the vertical edges of the frame are by default written vertically. RotateLabel->False specifies that they should be horizontal.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Place labels on the bottom edge of the frame:

Place labels on the bottom and left frame edges:

Specify labels for each edge:

Overall style of all the label-like elements can be specified by LabelStyle:

Scope  (3)

Labels use TraditionalForm by default:

Use StandardForm instead:

Individually styled labels can be used together with LabelStyle, and have higher priority:

Generalizations & Extensions  (3)

Specify frame labels for Manipulate:

Use labels based on variables specified in ContourPlot and DensityPlot:

Use graphics as a frame label:

Applications  (1)

Use ColorData image as a label:

Properties & Relations  (3)

The overall output format can be specified using FormatType:

Vertical frame labels are rotated in graphics, by default:

Vertical frame labels are not rotated in Manipulate, by default:

The vertical label rotation can be specified using RotateLabel:

Possible Issues  (1)

When different format types are combined the result is likely to be unpredictable:

This is equivalent to:

Neat Examples  (1)

Control the ellipse with the sliders:

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