The Wolfram Language provides a rich language for adding labels to graphics of all types. Labels and callouts can be applied directly to data and functions being plotted, or specified in a structured form through options. Besides text, arbitrary content such as formulas, graphics, and images can be used as labels. Labels can be automatically or specifically positioned relative to points, curves, and other graphical features.

Graphics Labels

PlotLabel overall label for a graphic

AxesLabel labels for each axis in a graphic

FrameLabel labels for the sides of the frame around a graphic

LabelStyle style to use for labels

Text place arbitrary text or expressions in a graphic

AxesStyle  ▪  FrameStyle  ▪  Ticks  ▪  FrameTicks  ▪  TicksStyle  ▪  FrameTicksStyle

Visualization Labels

Labeled wrapper for labeling particular points, curves, or chart elements

Callout wrapper for adding callouts to points and curves

Placed wrapper to specify the relative placement of labels

Highlighted statically or dynamically highlight specific elements in visualization

PlotLabels labels for points and curves in plots

ChartLabels categorical labels for chart elements

LabelingFunction generate labels for points and chart elements

PlotHighlighting set global highlighting effects for visualizations

LabelingSize maximum size to use for labels

ContourLabels  ▪  EventLabels  ▪  GaugeLabels  ▪  MeshCellLabel  ▪  VertexLabels  ▪  VertexLabelStyle  ▪  EdgeLabels  ▪  EdgeLabelStyle  ▪  CommunityLabels  ▪  GeoLabels

Callout Options

CalloutMarker marker to use for the anchor point of a callout

CalloutStyle style to use for callout elements

LeaderSize how to draw the leader line of a callout

Legends »

Legended display an expression with a legend

PlotLegends legends for points and curves in plots

ChartLegends legends for chart elements

LineLegend  ▪  SwatchLegend  ▪  PointLegend  ▪  BarLegend  ▪  ...