is an option for data visualization functions to automatically label elements of a visualization.


  • LabelingFunction->f specifies that each chart element should have a label given by f[value,index,lbls], where value is the data value associated with the element, index is its position in the nested list of datasets, and lbls is the list of relevant labels.
  • LabelingFunction->None specifies that no labeling should be done.
  • LabelingFunction->pos places the default labels at position pos, such as Top, Bottom, Left, Right.
  • A setting of Automatic will automatically place labels depending on the type of plot or chart.
  • If the labeling function f returns a labeling expression expr not of the form Placed[], the labeling expression is taken to be Placed[f[],Automatic].
  • Labels in a particular chart can be specified by ChartLabels, LabelingFunction, or explicit Labeled wrappers. All labels specified in all ways will be used in any given chart.


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Basic Examples  (5)

LabelingFunction uses the metadata as labels automatically:

Use the metadata as the point markers:

Use callouts to label points with their values:

Use a Panel around the values and place them above the bars:

Use automatic labeling by values through Tooltip and StatusArea:

Scope  (2)

Do no labeling:

Place row, column, and value labels in a Tooltip:

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