is an option to visualization functions that specifies the size to be used for labels and callouts.


  • LabelingSize controls the size of labels that come from Callout, Labeled and related options.
  • The following settings can be given:
  • Automaticautomatic size for images and graphics
    smaximum width and height specified by s
    {w,h}maximum width and height specified by w and h
    Allautomatic size for all labels
    Fulloriginal size for all labels
  • With LabelingSize->Automatic, labels that are images or graphics will have a maximum size determined by the space available to place them.
  • The sizes s, w and h are maximum sizes given in printer's points.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Images are automatically sized when used as labels:

Give a specific maximum height and width:

Use the full-size image where possible, and tooltips for the rest:

By default, textual labels show the entire label:

Give an explicit size for textual labels:

Scope  (2)

Specify the size of labels in FeatureSpacePlot3D:

Specify the size of labels in a bar chart:

Specify the height of labels:

Introduced in 2018