displays expr labeled with lbl.


places lbl at a position specified by pos.


places the lbli at positions posi.


places the lbli at the bottom, left, top, and right, respectively.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (2)

Create a label:

Label on the left:

Label on the left and top:

Scope  (5)

Label a graphic:

Label a slider:

Use a checkbox as a label:

Control the placement of labels:

Put the label at the bottom, aligned left:

Put the label on the right, aligned at the top:

Use graphics as labels:

Options  (18)

Alignment  (1)

Adjust the alignment of the labeled expression:

Background  (1)

Change the overall background color:

BaselinePosition  (1)

Align with surrounding text:

ContentSize  (1)

Specify the overall size:

Editable  (2)

By default, editing of labels and expressions is allowed:

Disallow editing:

Frame  (1)

Frame only the expression, not the label:

FrameMargins  (2)

Add space within the frame:

FrameMargins also increases the area to which Background applies:

FrameStyle  (1)

Change the color of the frame:

ImageMargins  (1)

Add margins around the labeled expression:

Specify different margins for each side:

LabelStyle  (2)

Style the label:

Use Directive to specify compound styles:

RotateLabel  (1)

Rotate vertical labels:

RoundingRadius  (1)

Round the corners of the frame:

Spacings  (3)

Add horizontal spacing between the expression and the label:

Specify vertical spacing:

Use both vertical and horizontal spacing:

Applications  (2)

Label images with checkboxes, potentially for later processing:

Create an active label:

Neat Examples  (2)

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