is an option for charting functions that specifies what labels should be used for chart elements.


  • ChartLabels->{lbl1,lbl2,} uses lbli as a label for the i^(th) element in each dataset.
  • The lbli can be any strings, graphics, or other static or dynamic expressions.
  • None indicates no label. If there are more elements in a dataset than lbli specified, the subsequent lbli are taken to be None.
  • If explicit labeling is specified in a dataset using Labeled, it is added to labeling specified through ChartLabels.
  • Positioning and other effects in labels can be specified using Placed.
  • ChartLabels->Placed[{lbl1,lbl2,},pos] places all the lbli at the position specified by pos.
  • ChartLabels->{spec1,spec2,} uses the successive speci to specify labels for successive dimensions in nested lists of datasets.


Basic Examples  (3)

Place labels at the top of each bar:

Place labels at the outer radial position of each sector:

Place row labels above the group bars and column labels at the top of each bar:

Introduced in 2008