displays label as a tooltip while the mouse pointer is in the area where expr is displayed.

Details and Options

  • Tooltip can be used with graphics or any other expression.
  • Tooltip[expr] is equivalent to Tooltip[expr,expr].
  • Tooltip objects can appear within graphics.
  • The following options can be given:
  • BackgroundNonebackground color for the tooltip
    BaseStyle{}base style specifications for expr
    TooltipStyle {}style specifications for the tooltip
    TooltipDelay long to delay before displaying the tooltip
  • With the default setting TooltipDelay->0, the tooltip is displayed immediately.
  • TooltipDelay->Automatic uses the standard delay set on your computer system.
  • TooltipDelay->t creates a delay of t seconds before the tooltip is displayed.
  • Tooltip can be used to specify tooltips for curves and points in functions like Plot and ListPlot.
  • The settings for BaseStyle and TooltipStyle are appended to the default styles typically given by the "Tooltip" and "TooltipLabel" styles in the current stylesheet.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Use a string as a tooltip for an expression:

Label every curve with a tooltip:

Specify the tooltip explicitly:

Scope  (5)

Use graphics or any other expression as a tooltip:

Label each expression with a tooltip:

Label each point with a tooltip:

Use tooltips for objects in graphics:

Use Dynamic to recompute the tooltip every time it is looked at:

Options  (2)

TooltipDelay  (1)

Delay for a specified number of seconds before the tooltip appears:

TooltipStyle  (1)

Alter the style of the tooltip:

Use cell-level options to change the appearance of the entire tooltip:

Applications  (4)

Make a table of polynomial factorizations, giving integer factorizations as tooltips:

Use a plot of the formula as the tooltip:

Make a grid of Lissajous curves with their formulas as tooltips [more info]:

Use the formulas as tooltips for each surface:

Properties & Relations  (3)

Tooltip, Mouseover, and PopupWindow can all be used to display additional information:

Tooltips in typesetting are active over the entire frame of the contained contents:

Tooltips in graphics are active only over the graphic ink:

Inner tooltips are prioritized over outer ones:

Overlay can be used to prevent the inner tooltip from firing:

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