Dynamic Graphics Elements

The Wolfram Language's unified symbolic architecture makes it straightforward to insert dynamic behavior anywhere in any graphic. Single functionsreadily generated programmaticallydefine the most common annotations and drill-downs, and integration with the full Wolfram Language allows arbitrarily complex behaviors to be defined.

Tooltip attach a tooltip with any contents to any object

StatusArea  ▪  PopupWindow  ▪  Mouseover  ▪  Hyperlink

Dynamic display any object dynamically updated

Inset inset any static or dynamic expression into a graphic

Button  ▪  ClickPane  ▪  EventHandler  ▪  EmitSound

Locator dynamic movable handle in any graphic

Manipulate attach general interactive controls to any graphic

Control Objects »

Slider  ▪  Slider2D  ▪  PopupMenu  ▪  Checkbox  ▪  ...

Viewer Objects »

TabView  ▪  SlideView  ▪  ListAnimate  ▪  ...