represents a clickable pane that displays as image and applies func to the coordinates of each click within the pane.


specifies the range of coordinates to use.

Details and Options

  • The image in a click pane can be a graphic or any other expression.
  • For a Graphics object g, ClickPane[g,func] by default takes the range of coordinates supplied to func to be the range of graphics coordinates corresponding to PlotRange in g.
  • For a general expression, ClickPane[expr,func] takes the range of coordinates to be 0 to 1 in each direction.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Move the point to where the "click" occurred:

Center the disk on mouse clicks:

Applications  (6)

Visualize solutions to a linear system of differential equations :

Keep track of all solutions as you go:

Create a circle from three points [more info]:

Detect whether you are inside or outside a disk:

Make a plot where the arrow "snaps" to the curve when you click inside the pane:

Make a plot where the arrow "snaps" to one of the extrema:

Properties & Relations  (1)

ClickPane is a special case of EventHandler:

Possible Issues  (1)

For a "click" to register, you must press and release the mouse at the same point:

Use EventHandler to get additional flexibility in registering actions with events:

Introduced in 2007