Click-Interactive Panels

The Wolfram Language's symbolic representation of both graphics and controls makes it particularly easy to create click-interactive panels in which the user clicks or drags elements embedded in a fixed overall image.

Manipulate create a simple panel containing Locator objects

Dynamic set up dynamic variables and a dynamic overall display

DynamicModule localize and save dynamic variables

LocatorPane place one or more locators with arbitrary appearances on any image

LocatorAutoCreate option to allow new locators to be created by clicking

Locator set up a movable thumb connected to a dynamic variable

ClickPane respond to the locations of clicks on any image, perhaps dynamic

Layout & Annotation

Panel  ▪  TabView  ▪  Mouseover  ▪  Tooltip  ▪  EmitSound

Graphics Construction »

Graphics  ▪  Point  ▪  Line  ▪  Polygon  ▪  Disk  ▪  ...

PlotRange specify a fixed coordinate system

Lower-Level Control »

EventHandler  ▪  MousePosition  ▪  CurrentValue  ▪  ControllerState  ▪  ...