Interactive Manipulation

The single function Manipulate gives immediate access to a huge range of powerful interactive capabilities. For any expression with symbolic parameters, Manipulate automatically creates an interface for manipulating the parameters. Manipulate supports not only mouse and keyboard manipulation, but also gamepads and other devices.

Manipulate interactively manipulate any expression, graphic, or other object

Animate animate any graphic or expression

ListAnimate animate a list of graphics or expressions

Options & Styling »

ControlPlacement  ▪  ControlType  ▪  SaveDefinitions  ▪  Bookmarks  ▪  ...

ImageSize  ▪  PlotRange  ▪  Text  ▪  Style  ▪  ControlActive  ▪  ...

Control Objects »

Control an interactive control with type automatically chosen

Locator make one or more 2D variables be controlled by locators inside a graphic

Trigger set up a "trigger" that starts a variable changing with time

Slider  ▪  PopupMenu  ▪  SetterBar  ▪  Animator  ▪  InputField  ▪  ...

drag, drag move a slider progressively slower

ControllerManipulate manipulate only with an external controller (e.g. gamepad)