represents an object that displays with the value of u being continually increased from 0 to 1 with time.


makes u vary from umin to umax.


makes u vary in steps du.


makes the value of u increase at a rate of ups units per second.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (3)

An animator set at 0.8 in the default range 0 to 1:

An animator with its value updated dynamically:

An animator with integer values in the range 0 to 100:

Scope  (5)

Animator Content  (1)

Include different appearance elements:

Animator Control  (4)

Specify an initial value:

Specify a range:

Specify a range with discrete jump:

Specify a range with refresh rate:

Options  (25)

AnimationDirection  (1)

Control the direction of the slider:

AnimationRate  (1)

Control the rate of the slider:

AnimationRepetitions  (1)

Control the number of slider repetitions:

AnimationRunning  (2)

By default Animator starts with a moving slider:

By setting AnimationRunning, the slider remains stationary:

AnimationRunTime  (1)

Track how long an animation has been running:

AnimationTimeIndex  (1)

With default option settings, AnimationTimeIndex runs from 0 to 5:

Appearance  (3)

Different sizes:

Add a label:

Predefined animator appearances:

AppearanceElements  (4)

By default Animator consists of a slider and a set of buttons:

By setting AppearanceElements, specify which controls are displayed:

See all the controls together:

Construct a customized Animator:

Background  (2)

Change the background colors:

Change the background color dynamically:

BaselinePosition  (1)

Align with the surrounding text:

DefaultDuration  (2)

Control the time duration of the slider:

The duration is equivalent to 1/rate:

DisplayAllSteps  (1)

Use DisplayAllSteps to force every intermediate step to be performed:

Enabled  (2)

By default Animator is enabled:

By setting Enabled->False, the animator is disabled but visible in its current state:

Exclusions  (1)

Exclude values from the range:

ImageSize  (1)

Use predefined sizes:

RefreshRate  (1)

Control the refresh rate of the slider:

Applications  (2)

Animate a plotting process:

Animate any process:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Animate and ListAnimate use Animator controls:

Possible Issues  (1)

The Animator control is driven by a real-time clock; pausing affects display only, not state:

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