is an option to Manipulate and related functions that specifies whether current definitions relevant for the evaluation of the expression being manipulated should automatically be saved.



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Basic Examples  (3)

By default, definitions are not saved:

Force definitions to be saved with the output:

The saved Manipulate can be copied and directly run in a new notebook:

Scope  (1)

All definitions are saved, including OwnValues:

Properties & Relations  (3)

Definitions are transformed to a literal Initialization setting during typesetting:

SaveDefinitions->True relies on FullDefinition to extract definitions:

Symbols that are Protected or ReadProtected will not be saved:

Possible Issues  (3)

Definitions for any unprotected symbol in the Manipulate body will be saved:

Saved variable definitions are effectively treated as global:

This can have an impact on future kernel sessions:

Multiple Manipulate outputs defining the same global variable may conflict:

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