appends definitions associated with the specified symbol to a file.


appends definitions associated with all symbols whose names match the string pattern "patt".


appends definitions associated with all symbols in the specified context.


appends definitions associated with several objects.

Details and Options

  • Save uses FullDefinition to include subsidiary definitions.
  • Save writes out definitions in InputForm.
  • Save uses Names to find symbols whose names match a given string pattern.
  • You can use Save["filename","s"] to write out the definition for the value of a symbol s itself.
  • Save works with local and cloud objects.
  • Save[File["filename"],] is also supported.
  • The following options can be given:
  • ExcludedContexts Automaticcontexts excluded from recursive inclusion
    IncludedContexts Allcontexts considered for recursive inclusion


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Basic Examples  (2)

Create a temporary file:

Store a value in a variable:

Save the value of the variable in a file:

Loading the file restores the value of a:

Create multiple definitions to save:

Save the definitions to standard out to see how they would be written to a file:

Scope  (3)

Save a definition into a file specified by the File object:

Local objects can be used with Save to save definitions persistently:

Cloud objects can be used with Save to save definitions in the cloud:

Options  (2)

ExcludedContexts  (1)

By default, certain system-internal contexts are excluded from recursive inclusions:

Use ExcludedContexts{} to save definitions of all non-protected symbols:

IncludedContexts  (1)

Limit recursive inclusion of symbols to the contexts "c1`" and "c2`" only:

Applications  (1)

Save all definitions in the default context:

Properties & Relations  (3)

Save writes the output of FullDefinition to a file:

Saved definitions can be read into the Wolfram Language using Get:

Print the contents of the saved file:

Clear definitions in the current session:

Get the definitions into the current session:

By default, definitions attached to "System`" symbols are not pulled in:

Use ExcludedContexts{} to pull in definitions from all contexts:

Alternatively, attach definitions to your own symbols:

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