appends definitions associated with the specified symbol to a file.


appends definitions associated with all symbols whose names match the string pattern "patt".


appends definitions associated with all symbols in the specified context.


appends definitions associated with several objects.


  • Save uses FullDefinition to include subsidiary definitions.
  • Save writes out definitions in InputForm.
  • Save uses Names to find symbols whose names match a given string pattern.
  • You can use Save["filename","s"] to write out the definition for the value of a symbol s itself.
  • Save works with local and cloud objects.
  • Save[File["filename"],] is also supported.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Create a temporary file:

Store a value in a variable:

Save the value of the variable in a file:

Loading the file restores the value of a:

Create multiple definitions to save:

Save the definitions to standard out to see how they would be written to a file:

Scope  (1)

Save a definition into a file specified by the File object:

Generalizations & Extensions  (2)

Local objects can be used with Save to save definitions persistently:

Cloud objects can be used with Save to save definitions in the cloud:

Applications  (1)

Save all definitions in the default context:

Properties & Relations  (2)

Save writes the output of FullDefinition to a file:

Saved definitions can be read into the Wolfram Language using Get:

Print the contents of the saved file:

Clear definitions in the current session:

Get the definitions into the current session:

Introduced in 1988
Updated in 1996