gives a list of the names of symbols that match the string.


gives a list of names matching the arbitrary string pattern patt.


gives a list of names matching any of the patti.

Details and Options

  • Names["string"] gives the same list of names as ?string.
  • Names returns a list of strings corresponding to the names of symbols.
  • The pattern patt can be given as a string with metacharacters, as StringExpression[] or as RegularExpression["regex"].
  • The string can contain the following metacharacters:
  • *match zero or more characters
    @match one or more characters, but not uppercase letters
  • Names["context`*"] lists all symbols in the specified context.
  • With SpellingCorrection->True, Names includes names that differ in a small fraction of their characters from those specifically requested.
  • With IgnoreCase->True or SpellingCorrection->True, Names treats lowercase and uppercase letters as equivalent when matching names.
  • Names includes any names with a matching context alias by default. With ResolveContextAliasesFalse, only non-aliased matching names will be returned. »
  • Names[] lists all names in all contexts.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Get the names of symbols starting with List:

Get the names of all system symbols:

The set of those that have the Orderless attribute:

Scope  (3)

Find all 2-character system functions using StringExpression:

Find all 3-character system functions using RegularExpression:

Get all symbols that start with $ or with Plot:

Options  (3)

IgnoreCase  (1)

Ignore the case when doing a search for a name:

ResolveContextAliases  (1)

Names resolves context aliases by default:

Use the ResolveContextAliases option to prevent alias resolution:

SpellingCorrection  (1)

Return closely matching names:

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