removes symbols completely, so that their names are no longer recognized by the Wolfram Language.


removes all symbols whose names match any of the string patterns formi.


  • You can use Remove to get rid of symbols that you do not need, and which may shadow symbols in contexts later on your context path.
  • Remove["form"] allows the following metacharacters:
  • *match zero or more characters
    @match one or more characters, but not uppercase letters
  • Remove["context`*"] removes all symbols in a particular context.
  • Remove is HoldAll.
  • Remove does not affect symbols with the attribute Protected.
  • Once you have removed a symbol, you will never be able to refer to it again, unless you recreate it.
  • If you have an expression that contains a symbol that you remove, the removed symbol will be printed as Removed["name"], where its name is given in a string.
  • Remove works with LocalSymbol, CloudSymbol, PersistentValue and InitializationValue objects.


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Introduced in 1988