represents the settable persistent value with which the symbol sym will be initialized.


represents the settable initialization value for the symbol with the specified complete name.


specifies the persistence locations to search for a possible initialization value.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (2)

Set a value to be evaluated every time the kernel starts:

Set an initialization value for a variable:

Initialize the variable from the persistent value in the current kernel session:

Generalizations & Extensions  (1)

Set an initialization value for parallel subkernels:

All newly launched parallel subkernels use the given value:

Remove the initialization value:

Options  (5)

EvaluationEnvironment  (1)

Set an initialization value for parallel subkernels:

MergingFunction  (1)

Give a default value for a variable:

Set a custom merging function for initialization values of the variable:

Specify initialization values at different persistence locations:

The custom merging function is used to return the list of all values on $PersistencePath:

Use a different merging function for a particular value lookup:

ValuePreprocessingFunction  (1)

Give a default value for an initialization value:

Set a a custom value preprocessing function that accepts only integers:

Assign an integer at any persistence location:

Assigning anything else generates an error, and the assignment is not performed:

PersistenceTime  (1)

Define an initialization that will expire in 5 seconds:

ExpirationDate  (1)

Define an initialization value that expires at the beginning of next year:

Applications  (2)

Override the default persistence base in all kernels started under the current front end session:

Quit and restart the kernel:

Set a value for $GeoLocation tied to your login account:

Properties & Relations  (2)

Initialization values are stored in persistent objects:

List the existing initialization values in all editable persistence locations:

Remove them:

Possible Issues  (1)

Create two initialization values for a symbol in different locations:

Remove by default removes only the value in the location given by $PersistenceBase:

Remove all values that might exist anywhere in the locations given by $PersistencePath:

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