Wolfram System Setup

The Wolfram System allows convenient discovery and customization of all aspects of its system setup.


System Information »

SystemInformation information about your Wolfram System and computer system

$Version  ▪  $System  ▪  $MachineName  ▪  $UserName  ▪  ...

System Customization

File Install install files into your Wolfram System file layout

init.m initialization files

$Path list of directories to search for files

$UserBaseDirectory, $BaseDirectory default locations for additional files

SetOptions set options for the front end, kernel, and individual functions

Once evaluate any expression once in a session

Cloud Operations

$EvaluationEnvironment  ▪  $CloudBase

Persistent Local Storage »

$LocalBase  ▪  $LocalSymbolBase

Remote Kernels

Evaluation Kernel Configuration Options configure kernels

Evaluation Notebook's Kernel choose a kernel to connect to

Evaluator specify which kernel to use for a cell, button, etc.

Parallel Computing »

LaunchKernels  ▪  $ProcessorCount  ▪  ...

Locale & Internationalization »

$TimeZone  ▪  $CharacterEncoding  ▪  $Language  ▪  $DateStringFormat  ▪  ...

System & License Management »

$LicenseID  ▪  $MachineID  ▪  $LicenseServer  ▪  $ProcessID  ▪  ...

Session Customization »

$Post  ▪  $Path  ▪  $RecursionLimit  ▪  $HistoryLength  ▪  ...