gives the default list of directories to search in attempting to find an external file.


  • The structure of directory and file names may differ from one computer system to another.
  • $Path is used both for files in Get and for external programs in Install.
  • The setting for $Path can be overridden in specific functions using the Path option.
  • The directory names are specified by strings. The full file names tested are of the form FileNameJoin[{directory,name}].
  • On most computer systems, the following special characters can be used in directory names:
  • .the current directory
    ..the directory one level up in the hierarchy
    ~the users home directory
  • $Path can contain nested sublists.


Basic Examples  (1)

Add a directory in which to look for files after all of the system defaults:

Add a directory in which to look for files before any of the system defaults:

Introduced in 1988
Updated in 2007