Operations on File Names

The Wolfram Language provides a convenient collection of platform-independent functions for manipulating names of files and directories. These functions can also be used to assemble and disassemble file-name-like constructs such as URLs.

FileNameSplit split a file name into directory and name parts

FileNameJoin assemble a file name from a list of components

FileNameTake, FileNameDrop take, drop elements from a file name

FileBaseName  ▪  FileExtension  ▪  FileNameDepth  ▪  NotebookFileName

ExpandFileName textually expand to absolute file name form

AbsoluteFileName determine the absolute name for a file in your filesystem

ContextToFileName name of file conventionally associated with a context

Directories »

DirectoryQ test whether a name corresponds to an existing directory

NotebookDirectory  ▪  ParentDirectory  ▪  DirectoryName  ▪  ...

$Path  ▪  $RootDirectory  ▪  $HomeDirectory  ▪  $UserBaseDirectory  ▪  ...

FileNames list names of files or directories on your computer system

FileExistsQ test whether a file exists on your computer system

FindFile find a file on $Path, etc.

FileNameSetter interactively browse for a file

File symbolic representation of a file location

URLs »

URLEncode  ▪  URLDecode  ▪  URLBuild  ▪  URLParse  ▪  ...