takes a well-formed URL and gives an association whose values correspond to the components of the URL.


returns only the specified component.


returns only the specified component list.

Details and Options

  • Possible components extracted by URLParse include:
  • "Scheme"URL scheme (appearing at the beginning)
    "User"user information
    "Domain"domain name or host
    "Port"port number (appearing after :)
    "Path"path list (separated by /)
    "PathString"complete path as a string
    "AbsoluteDomain"complete domain as a string, including scheme
    "AbsolutePath"complete path as a string, including scheme and domain
    "Query"list of parameter-value pairs (appearing after ?)
    "QueryString"complete query string
    "Fragment"fragment specification (appearing after #)
  • If a particular component is not present in the URL, the value returned for that component is None.
  • A "Port" component, if present, is returned as an integer.
  • A trailing / in the path component of the URL is represented by a last element "" in the "Path" component returned by URLParse.
  • URLParse["url"] returns an Association containing the following sequence of keys: "Scheme", "User", "Domain", "Port", "Path", "Query", "Fragment".
  • URLParse[{"url1","url2",},] gives results for a list of URLs.
  • URLParse has option CharacterEncoding, which specifies the encoding of character codes to assume in the URL. The default is "UTF-8".
  • URLParse[URL["url"],] and URLParse[CloudObject["url"],] also supported.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Parse a URL into its components:

Parse only path and query:

URLParse automatically threads over lists:

Scope  (5)

Find the domain of a URL:

Get the user information from a generic URL:

The path is returned as a list:

The full path string can be obtained with "PathString":

The query is returned as a decoded list of rules:

The original query string can be obtained with "QueryString":

Separating "AbsolutePath" from "Query":

URL or CloudObject can be used:

Introduced in 2014
Updated in 2016