decodes a URL-style query string into a list of key-value rules.

Details and Options

  • The keys and values in the list of rules returned by URLQueryDecode are given as strings.
  • The URL-style query string is taken to be percent-encoded.
  • URLQueryDecode has option CharacterEncoding, giving the encoding to assume for a character in the query string. The default is "UTF-8".
  • URLQueryDecode[URL["string"]] is also supported.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Decode a query string:

URLQueryDecode automatically threads over lists:

Scope  (1)

A URL wrapper is stripped from an input:

Options  (3)

CharacterEncoding  (1)

Decode a percent-encoded string using specified encoding:

SortQueries  (1)

Sort query parameters by using "SortQueries":

RemoveEmptyQueries  (1)

Remove empty parameters by using "RemoveEmptyQueries":

Applications  (1)

Joining multiple query strings:

Introduced in 2014
Updated in 2016