is a symbolic representation of a URL.


  • In URL["url"], "url" can be any kind of URL. Supported URL schemes include:
  • http:HTTP protocol
    https:secure HTTP protocol
    ftp:file transfer protocol
    sftp:secure file transfer protocol
    scp:secure copy protocol
    file:local file
  • In URL["url"], the resource referred to by url does not need to exist or be accessible.
  • Information for a URL may include the following properties:
  • "Scheme"URL scheme (appearing at the beginning)
    "User"user information
    "Domain"domain name or host
    "Port"port number (appearing after :)
    "Path"path list (separated by /)
    "PathString"complete path as a string
    "AbsoluteDomain"complete domain as a string, including scheme
    "AbsolutePath"complete path as a string, including scheme and domain
    "Query"list of parameter-value pairs (appearing after ?)
    "QueryString"complete query string
    "Fragment"fragment specification (appearing after #)


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Basic Examples  (2)

Get a textual snippet from the Wolfram website:

Without the URL wrapper, the string itself will be used as data:

Formatting of a URL object:

Scope  (3)

A URL object need not refer to an existing or reachable resource:

A URL object can refer to any supported protocol:

Specify a username in the protocol:

Introduced in 2016
Updated in 2019