Systems-Related String Operations

The Wolfram Language includes flexible functions for conveniently handling strings related to systems-level operations.

Hash find a hash code for a string using a variety of schemes

Compress compress a string

BaseDecode convert a Base64 string to a byte array


Encrypt, Decrypt encrypt, decrypt using symmetric and asymmetric cryptography

StringFormat determine the import format for a string

Operations on File Names »

FileNameSplit  ▪  FileNameTake  ▪  FileBaseName  ▪  ExpandFileName  ▪  ...

Operations on URLs »

URLEncode  ▪  URLDecode  ▪  URLBuild  ▪  URLParse  ▪  ...

Importing & Exporting »

Import, Export import, export in many systems-related formats

"Base64"  ▪  "GZIP"  ▪  "ApacheLog"  ▪  "XML"  ▪  ...

ImportString  ▪  ExportString  ▪  BinaryRead  ▪  BinaryWrite

Character Encodings »

$CharacterEncoding default character encoding

StringToByteArray convert a string to UTF-8 or other encodings

ByteArrayToString convert UTF-8 or other binary data to a string

FromCharacterCode  ▪  ToCharacterCode