gives a string consisting of the character with integer code n.


gives a string consisting of the sequence of characters with codes ni.


gives a list of strings.


uses the specified character encoding.


  • The integer n must lie between 0 and 1114112, as returned by ToCharacterCode.
  • FromCharacterCode["string"] is equivalent to FromCharacterCode["string","Unicode"], which converts integer code points in the Unicode standard to the corresponding character.
  • For n between 0 and 127, FromCharacterCode returns ASCII characters.
  • For n between 129 and 255, it returns ISO Latin1 characters.
  • For other n, it returns characters specified by the standard Wolfram Language encoding based on Unicode.
  • FullForm[FromCharacterCode[n]] gives the full name assigned to a special character with character code n.
  • Whether a particular character generated by FromCharacterCode can be rendered on your output device will depend on what fonts and drivers you are using.
  • Encodings supported in FromCharacterCode[,"encoding"] include the values in $CharacterEncodings in addition to "Unicode".


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Basic Examples  (2)

Give a string consisting of the sequence of characters with codes 97, 98, and 99:

Obtain character codes:

FromCharacterCode reconstructs the original string:

Scope  (4)

Create a string consisting of a character:

A string consisting of several characters:

A list of strings:

Use a character encoding:

Use a variable-length character encoding:

All printable ASCII characters:

Some ISO Latin-1 letters:

Some characters in the private use area:

Applications  (1)

All the names of special characters that begin with "N":

Properties & Relations  (4)

The default encoding is "Unicode":

FromCharacterCode is the inverse of ToCharacterCode:

This is also true for lists of strings:

FromCharacterCode reproduces the list of strings:

Use FullForm to get the full name assigned to a special character:

The allowed values of the second argument are given by $CharacterEncodings:

Introduced in 1991
Updated in 1996