gives the name of the character c.


gives the name of the character with character code n.


gives a name of the specified type.


  • Possible types include:
  • "CommonName"spelled-out English name
    "HTMLName"name in HTML
    "LongName"long form canonical name
    "StandardName"Wolfram Language standard name (if any)
    "TeXName"name in TeX
    "UnicodeName"name in Unicode standard
  • CharacterName[c] gives the Wolfram Language standard name for c if it exists, and gives the long form canonical name otherwise.
  • CharacterName["string"] gives a list of names of the characters in string.
  • CharacterName has attribute Listable.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Wolfram Language standard name:

Spelled-out character name:

Canonical form of the character name:

Character name according to the Unicode standard:

Look up character name using character code:

Character names used in TeX:

Character names used in HTML:

Possible Issues  (1)

Some characters may not have standard Wolfram Language names:

All renderable characters have common names:

Introduced in 2015