gives the base directory in which userspecific files to be loaded by the Wolfram System are conventionally placed.


  • $UserBaseDirectory returns the full name of the directory as a string.
  • Typical values are:
  • C:UsersusernameAppData\RoamingMathematica
  • The value of $UserBaseDirectory can be specified by setting the operating system environment variable when the Wolfram Language kernel is launched. It cannot be reset from inside the kernel.
  • Typical subdirectories of $UserBaseDirectory are:
  • ApplicationsWolfram System application packages
    Autoloadpackages to be autoloaded on startup
    FrontEndfront end initialization files
    Kernelkernel initialization files
    Licensinglicense management files
    SystemFilesgeneral system files
  • These subdirectories are, if possible, created automatically the first time the Wolfram System is run by a given user.
  • Appropriate subdirectories are automatically included on $Path.
  • The subdirectories of $UserBaseDirectory are given in $Path before the corresponding subdirectories of $BaseDirectory.


Basic Examples  (2)

The base directory in which user-specific files are placed:

Subdirectories and files of $UserBaseDirectory:

Introduced in 2003