gives the base directory that the Wolfram System uses to store user-specific installed paclets and paclet configuration data.


  • $UserBasePacletsDirectory returns the full name of the directory as a string.
  • Typical values are:
  • C:UsersusernameAppData\RoamingMathematica\Paclets
  • By default, $UserBasePacletsDirectory is a Paclets subdirectory of $UserBaseDirectory.
  • The value of $UserBasePacletsDirectory can be specified with the command-line option -pacletbase when the Wolfram Language kernel is launched.
  • Typical subdirectories of $UserBasePacletsDirectory are:
  • Configurationconfiguration data and settings stored by the paclet system
    Repositorythe location where downloaded paclets are installed
    Temporarytemporary files used internally by the paclet system
  • These subdirectories are, if possible, created automatically the first time the Wolfram System is run by a given user.
  • Paclets installed by PacletInstall and PacletInstallSubmit are placed in the Repository subdirectory of $UserBasePacletsDirectory.


Basic Examples  (3)

The base directory in which files managed by the paclet system are placed:

Subdirectories of $UserBasePacletsDirectory:

Find all paclets that have been installed with PacletInstall on your system:

Introduced in 2020