uninstalls a paclet.


  • Paclets can be specified in any of the following ways:
  • "name"name of an installed paclet
    "name""version"a specific version of an installed paclet
    PacletObject[]a reference to an installed paclet
  • PacletUninstall returns Null if the paclet removal proceeded normally, or $Failed if no such paclet is installed or if it cannot be uninstalled.
  • PacletUninstall deletes the paclet and its files from your system.
  • Unless you specify a specific version to uninstall, PacletUninstall deletes all installed versions of the paclet.
  • PacletUninstall effectively undoes the operation of PacletInstall.
  • PacletUninstall will not uninstall paclets that are part of the Wolfram System installation, only paclets that have been downloaded and installed into the local paclet repository (which can include paclets that are updates to ones in the Wolfram System installation).


Basic Examples  (4)

Install a paclet from the Wolfram paclet server:

The paclet gets installed into the local paclet repository:

Uninstall it:

The paclet's directory has been deleted:

If the paclet resides only in the Wolfram System layout, it cannot be uninstalled:

Install two versions of a paclet:

Uninstall only a specific version:

The other version remains:

No paclet of this name is installed:

Introduced in 2020