installs or updates paclet.


waits for completion of the taskstarted by a call to PacletInstallSubmit.


  • Paclets can be specified in any of the following ways:
  • "name"name of a paclet at a known paclet site
    "name""version"a specific version of a paclet
    "http://..." or URL[]absolute URL of a paclet archive file
    File[]location of a paclet archive file
    CloudObject[]cloud object containing a paclet archive file
    PacletObject[]a reference to a paclet on a paclet site
  • PacletInstall returns a paclet object representing the newly installed paclet or the existing paclet if no update occurred, or $Failed if no such paclet is available.
  • PacletInstall will update an existing paclet of the same name if a newer version is available.
  • PacletInstall installs paclets into the Repository subdirectory of $UserBasePacletsDirectory.
  • By default, PacletInstall will look for a named paclet on all paclet sites given by PacletSites[].
  • When PacletInstall updates a paclet, it will delete the old version if the new one has the same requirements as the old one.
  • You can use PacletInstall on the result of a call to PacletInstallSubmit to wait for the installation to complete.
  • The following options can be given:
  • AllowVersionUpdateTruewhether to update an existing paclet
    ForceVersionInstallFalsewhether to install the given paclet even if it is older than a currently installed version
    KeepExistingVersionAutomaticwhether to delete the old version when updating
    PacletSiteAutomaticlook for the named paclet on a specific paclet site
    UpdatePacletSitesAutomaticwhether to update paclet information from all known sites before attempting the install


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Basic Examples  (5)

Install a paclet from the Wolfram paclet server:

Install a paclet from a .paclet archive file:

If the paclet is already installed, and no update is available, the existing installed paclet is returned:

Install a specific version (the server has both 1.0 and 2.0 versions, and 2.0 would be installed by default):

No paclet of this name can be found on any known paclet site:

Options  (5)

AllowVersionUpdate  (1)

Uninstall any existing version of ExamplePaclet:

Now install Version 1.0 from the Wolfram paclet server:

ExamplePaclet also has a 2.0 version on the server, but the AllowVersionUpdateFalse option will prevent your local copy from being updated:

ForceVersionInstall  (1)

Uninstall any existing version of ExamplePaclet:

This will install Version 2.0 (the highest available version) from the Wolfram paclet server:

Attempts to install an older version will fail:

Use ForceVersionInstall to allow installing an older version when a newer one is already installed:

KeepExistingVersion  (1)

Uninstall any existing version of ExamplePaclet:

Now install Version 1.0 from the Wolfram paclet server:

ExamplePaclet also has a 2.0 version on the server, and the KeepExistingVersionFalse option will prevent your 1.0 version from being deleted when the 2.0 version is installed:

Both versions are present:

PacletSite  (1)

Use the PacletSite option to obtain a paclet from the specified site without registering the site as a permanent known site:

The site used is not present in the list of known paclet sites:

UpdatePacletSites  (1)

Use UpdatePacletSitesTrue to ensure that you have the latest information about what paclets are available from all known paclet sites:

Properties & Relations  (1)

If an asynchronous installation is initiated by a call to PacletInstallSubmit, you can choose to wait for the task to complete by calling PacletInstall on the task object:

The task will finish in the background, but if you want to wait until it is done, use the following:

Introduced in 2020