is an option to PacletInstall and PacletInstallSubmit that specifies whether an older version of a paclet is allowed to be installed if a newer version is already installed.


  • Possible settings include:
  • Trueallow an older or equal version to be installed
    Falsedo not allow an older or equal version to be installed
  • By default, PacletInstall and PacletInstallSubmit will not allow a version of a paclet to be installed when a newer or equal version is already installed.
  • Using ForceVersionInstallTrue allows an older version to be installed, but this does not mean that the older version will actually be used; newer versions of a paclet are always used in preference to older ones.
  • ForceVersionInstallTrue is convenient to use while you are developing a paclet and want to repeatedly install modified versions of the paclet without changing the version number.


Basic Examples  (1)

Uninstall any existing version of ExamplePaclet:

This will install Version 2.0 (the highest available version) from the Wolfram paclet server:

Attempts to install an older version will fail:

Use ForceVersionInstall to allow installing an older version when a newer one is already installed:

Introduced in 2020