is an option for PacletInstall and PacletInstallSubmit that specifies whether a newer paclet version should be installed if an older version is already installed.


  • Possible settings include:
  • Trueallow a newer version to be installed
    Falseprevent a newer version from being installed
  • AllowVersionUpdateFalse lets you call PacletInstall to ensure you have a copy of a given paclet, but not change anything on your system if you already have the paclet installed and a newer version happens to be available.


Basic Examples  (1)

Uninstall any existing version of ExamplePaclet:

Now install version 1.0 from the Wolfram paclet server:

ExamplePaclet also has a 2.0 version on the server, but the AllowVersionUpdateFalse option will prevent your local copy from being updated:

Without AllowVersionUpdateFalse, PacletInstall will install the latest version, replacing the 1.0 version:

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