is an option for PacletInstall and PacletInstallSubmit that specifies the URL of a paclet site on which to look for the paclet.


  • The value of the PacletSite option should be a string specifying the URL of a paclet site.
  • By default, PacletInstall and PacletInstallSubmit only look for paclets on the set of registered paclet sites, but PacletSite"site" lets you temporarily expand the set of sites on which to look.
  • It is not guaranteed that the paclet will be obtained from the specified site if it is also available on a registered site.
  • The PacletSite option is convenient for acquiring a paclet from a nonstandard site without having to call PacletSiteRegister, which makes a persistent change in the set of sites used for all future lookups.


Basic Examples  (1)

Install ExamplePaclet (which is available on the Wolfram paclet server), and also specify another paclet site on which to look for this one request (the evaluation is wrapped in Quiet to suppress a warning message about this fictitious paclet site):

The specified site was not added to the set of registered sites: