Working with Paclets

Paclets are a way to bundle arbitrary Wolfram Language functionality in a form that can be downloaded from a server and installed in any Wolfram Language system. A paclet can contain a large variety of elements, including new Wolfram Language functions, LibraryLink modules, stylesheets, palettes, settings for the Wolfram System, documentation notebooks or data files.

PacletObject a handle to a paclet on the local system or on a remote site

PacletInstall install or update a paclet

PacletInstallSubmit install or update a paclet asynchronously

PacletUninstall uninstall and delete a paclet

PacletFind find installed paclets

PacletFindRemote find paclets available for download from paclet sites

PacletSymbol use a symbol from a paclet without permanently installing it

PacletDisable  ▪  PacletEnable  ▪  PacletNewerQ  ▪  $UserBasePacletsDirectory  ▪  $BasePacletsDirectory  ▪  $AllowDataUpdates

Paclet Site Management

PacletSiteObject representation of a server hosting a repository of paclets

PacletSites the list of known paclet sites from which paclets can be obtained

PacletSiteUpdate retrieve the latest information about available paclets

PacletSiteRegister  ▪  PacletSiteUnregister

Paclet Development

CreatePacletArchive compress a paclet directory into a single paclet archive file

PacletDirectoryLoad for the current session, load paclets from a given directory

PacletDataRebuild rebuild the cache of data about all installed paclets

PacletDirectoryUnload  ▪  ExtractPacletArchive

Creating & Building Paclets (PacletTools) »

CreatePaclet create a new paclet within a specified directory

PacletBuild build a paclet source directory into a distributable form

PacletDocumentationBuild build all documentation for a paclet