acquires and caches current information about the available paclets on the given paclet site.


  • Sites can be specified in any of the following ways:
  • "url" or URL[]URL of a known paclet site
    "name"name of a known paclet site
    PacletSiteObject[]object representing a known paclet site
  • PacletSiteUpdate returns the list of updated sites, or $Failed for any site that could not be updated.
  • PacletSiteUpdate has attribute Listable.
  • PacletSiteUpdate is called internally periodically, but you can call it to make sure your system has the latest information about available paclets.
  • PacletSites gives the list of known paclet sites.


Basic Examples  (1)

Update the locally cached information about what paclets are available on all known paclet sites:

Introduced in 2020