makes paclets in dir visible in the current session.

PacletDirectoryLoad[{dir1,dir2, }]

makes paclets in all the diri visible in the current session.


  • The directories can be specified as strings or File expressions.
  • PacletDirectoryLoad returns the list of directories that have been added in the session.
  • PacletDirectoryLoad looks for paclets up to two levels deep in each directory.
  • Use PacletDirectoryLoad to allow paclets to be found in a nonstandard location.
  • PacletDirectoryLoad is intended primarily for use by paclet developers, to be able to load and run paclets directly from a development directory.
  • If a paclet in a directory specified by PacletDirectoryLoad has the same version number as a paclet installed elsewhere in the system, the one found via PacletDirectoryLoad will be used.
  • The effects of PacletDirectoryLoad only apply in the current session.


Basic Examples  (1)

The ExampleData/SamplePaclet directory contains a sample paclet:

Make it available in the current session:

PacletFind can find it now:

You can use its functionality:

Introduced in 2020