builds the paclet located at source.

PacletBuild[source, builddir]

builds the paclet located at source into builddir.

Details and Options

  • source must be a file path to a paclet directory in the local file system, or a PacletObject.
  • Paclet documentation authored with DocumentationTools will be built into styled notebooks.
  • The default build directory is "source/build".
  • PacletBuild[source] may delete all existing files in the "source/build/name" directory, where name is the value of the "Name" field of the specified paclet.
  • PacletBuild[source, builddir] may delete all existing files in the "builddir/name" directory. Do not specify a builddir location that contains original copies of files that should not be deleted.
  • PacletBuild has the following options:
  • "SystemID"AllSystemID used to filter extensions
    LanguageAllLanguage used to filter extensions
  • Only files described by the "Extensions" field of the PacletInfo.wl file will be included in the built paclet. Common paclet extension types include:
  • "Kernel"All files in source/Kernel/
    "Documentation"All .nb files in source/Documentation/
    "Asset"All files named in the extension
  • PacletBuild uses PacletExtensionFiles to determine the set of files to include in the built paclet.
  • PacletBuild uses CreatePacletArchive to generate the final .paclet file.
  • PacletBuild performs incremental documentation builds. After an initial build that processes each documentation notebook, subsequent calls to PacletBuild will only re-process documentation files that have been added or modified since the previous build. If the build output directory is deleted, all documentation files will need to be re-processed during the next build.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Begin by ensuring PacletTools` is loaded:

Build a paclet source directory into a distributable .paclet file:

Possible Issues  (1)

PacletBuild will return an error if builddir is the paclet source directory:

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