disables an installed paclet.


  • Paclets can be specified in any of the following ways:
  • "name"name of an installed paclet
    "name""version"a specific version of an installed paclet
    PacletObject[]a reference to an installed paclet
  • PacletDisable returns a list of the PacletObject expressions corresponding to the newly disabled paclets, which will be an empty list if the paclet was already disabled or does not exist.
  • When a paclet is disabled, its resources are no longer available to the Wolfram System (although if some resources like .wl files have already been loaded in the current session, this cannot be undone).
  • A disabled paclet remains disabled in future sessions until either it is enabled by PacletEnable or a new version of the paclet is installed.
  • When paclet is specified only by name, all installed versions of that paclet become disabled; when a name and version number are given, or a PacletObject expression, only that version of the paclet becomes disabled.
  • Installed paclets are enabled by default.
  • You can use PacletObject[]["Enabled"] to see the enabled state of a paclet, and PacletFind[<|"Enabled"False|>] to find all disabled paclets.


Basic Examples  (2)

Acquire ExamplePaclet from the Wolfram paclet server, if it is not already installed:

It is enabled by default:

It exports the context "ExamplePaclet`", and that context can be found by the system:

Disable the paclet:

Its resources can no longer be seen by the system:

Uninstall the paclet:

Find all disabled paclets on the system:

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