gives the symbol named "sym" in the primary context of paclet.


wraps the head h around the symbol before returning it.


  • PacletSymbol is a convenient shorthand that installs the paclet if necessary, calls Needs on its primary context and evaluates to the named symbol.
  • PacletSymbol loads the primary context of the paclet in a way that does not modify $ContextPath.
  • For paclets that are not already installed, the paclet is downloaded and loaded in the current session but not installed for future sessions.
  • PacletSymbol is a way to sample a paclet's functionality without permanently installing it or adding its context to the context path.
  • The paclet argument can have any of the following forms:
  • "name"name of the paclet or ResourceObject
    PacletObject[]a paclet object
    ResourceObject[]a resource object of type "Paclet"
    File[]a paclet in a given directory
  • PacletSymbol accepts the same options as ResourceObject.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Retrieve a symbol from a paclet:

Use a function from a paclet:

Scope  (2)

Use a function from a PacletObject:

Hold the returned symbol:

Releasing the hold returns the value:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Using a symbol from a paclet typically requires calling Needs:

The Needs call modified $ContextPath:

Using PacletSymbol allows the symbol to work without modifying $ContextPath:

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