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represents the function associated with the specified resource.


gives the specified property of the resource.

Details and Options

  • ResourceFunction["name"] searches in order for a resource function with the specified name in the following locations:
  • locally in the session (for resource functions from DefineResourceFunction)
    at the locations specified by $PersistencePath
    in the Wolfram Function Repository
  • In ResourceFunction[resource], resource can have the following forms:
  • "name"function name, resolved as described
    ResourceObject[]a resource object of type "Function" stored at any location
    CloudObject[]a cloud object containing a function resource object
    LocalObject[]a local object containing a function resource object
  • ResourceFunction[resource][args ] applies the function to the given arguments.
  • The available properties are given by ResourceFunction[resource,"Properties"] and typically include properties of the ResourceObject as well as:
  • "SymbolName"fully qualified string name of the underlying function
    "FunctionLocation"file, object or method used to store the definition
    "DocumentationLink"URL for documentation of a published function
  • Function definitions in a function resource are typically not explicitly retrieved until the function is used.
  • When the definitions for a function resource are retrieved, they are usually cached in $LocalBase.
  • ResourceObject[ResourceFunction[]] returns the resource object containing the given function.
  • ResourceFunction[ResourceFunction[],prop] gives a property for an existing resource function.
  • CloudDeploy[ResourceFunction[]] or CloudPublish[ResourceFunction[]] saves a resource function in the cloud.
  • LocalCache[ResourceFunction[]] saves a resource function as a LocalObject[].
  • The following functions work on ResourceFunction objects: Attributes, Definition, DownValues, FullDefinition, Options and SymbolName.
  • New resource functions can be defined with DefineResourceFunction or with a definition notebook from File New Repository Item Function Repository Item.


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Basic Examples  (5)

Get a resource function using its name:

Apply the resource function to arguments:

Apply a function from a ResourceObject to a value:

Find properties of a resource function:

Get the web documentation URL for a published function:

Create a resource function from an Association:

Options  (3)

ResourceSystemPath  (2)

Use ResourceSystemPath to limit the result to only find functions published in the function repository:

Create a new resource function with the same name as a deployed function:

Use ResourceSystemPath to ensure this resource is found:

Instead, find the published function:

ResourceVersion  (1)

Get two versions of the same resource from the function repository using ResourceVersion:

Only the newer version supports a zero-argument form:

Properties & Relations  (1)

The two-argument form of ResourceFunction provides the same values as ResourceObject:

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