gives the default list of locations at which to look for resource objects.



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Basic Examples  (1)

The default path:

Scope  (3)

Define a ResourceFunction in the kernel session:

The function is automatically registered in the kernel sessions and discoverable by name with the default $ResourceSystemPath:

Change the path to only use published resources:

Now the function cannot be found:

Add the "KernelSession" PersistenceLocation:

Now the function is found again:

Set the path to include only locally deployed and published resources:

Change the path to only use published resources:

Properties & Relations  (2)

$ResourceSystemPath provides the default value for the ResourceSystemPath option:

Providing a value for ResourceSystemPath supersedes the value of $ResourceSystemPath:

The value of $ResourceSystemBase is included in the default $ResourceSystemPath list before the Wolfram Resource System:

Introduced in 2020