Wolfram Function Repository

The Wolfram Function Repository is a curated cloud repository of functions set up to be instantly usable in the Wolfram Language. The Function Repository includes a growing number of functions designed for a wide range of application areas. The Wolfram Language supports creation of private resource functions, which can then be submitted for inclusion in the Wolfram Function Repository.

https://resources.wolframcloud.com/FunctionRepository function repository home page

ResourceSearch search for function resources using names, descriptions, etc.

Using Resource Functions

ResourceFunction symbolic representation of a resource function

ResourceObject object containing a resource function and corresponding information

ResourceVersion  ▪  ResourceSystemPath  ▪  $ResourceSystemPath

Creating Private Function Resources

DefineResourceFunction create a new resource function

CreateNotebook or File New Repository Item Function Repository Item create a notebook for defining a function resource

ResourceRegister register a resource so it can be referred to by name

CloudDeploy deploy a function with documentation to the cloud

LocalCache set up a local cache of a function resource

Managing Function Resources

ResourceUpdate update to the latest version of a function resource

DeleteObject remove the local cache of a function resource

Publishing a Function Resource

ResourceSubmit submit a resource for inclusion in the Wolfram Function Repository

$PublisherID default identifier for the publisher of a resource

PublisherID publisher identifier for a resource submission