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submits the specified resource object to be reviewed for publication.


submits the resource new as the updated version of the resource old.

Details and Options

  • ResourceSubmit takes the following options:
  • PublisherID$PublisherIDthe publisher ID to use
    ResourceSystemBase$ResourceSystemBasethe resource system to which to submit
  • Resources submitted to a particular resource system are typically reviewed by administrators for that system.
  • The resource in ResourceSubmit is specified as a ResourceObject.
  • Function and data resources are typically defined using a definition notebook created by CreateNotebook or using File New Repository Item.
  • In ResourceSubmit[new,old], old can be a resource object specified by its resource object, its UUID or the string giving its name. Alternatively, old can be a resource submission specified by its submission ID.
  • To submit an update to a resource, you must be an authorized member of the publisher account for that resource.
  • Submitted resource objects must have "Name" and "ResourceType" properties as well as content.
  • Standard optional properties in a submitted resource object include:
  • "Description"brief description of the resource
    "Details"full details about the resource and its contents
    "Keywords"list of search terms
    "SeeAlso"list of related resource objects
    "ExternalLinks"list of related Hyperlink objects
    "SourceMetadata"Association about the source of the content
  • Additional properties that can be included depend on the resource type.


Basic Examples  (2)

Create a data resource using an association of metadata and content:

Submit the resource:

Open a definition notebook and create a new data resource:

Submit the resource:

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