Sharing & Embedding Content

The Wolfram Language provides flexible mechanisms for sharing and embedding content in many environments, both in the cloud and in specific systems.

CloudDeploy deploy content to the cloud

CloudPublish publish code or content for public access in the cloud

ExportForm specify a format in which to deploy content

EmbedCode create code for an embeddable version of content

CloudObject symbolic representation of objects in the cloud

URLShorten create a shortened version of any URL

CloudExpression  ▪  Databin

Options, SetOptions find, set options for objects in the cloud

Permissions permissions for reading or modifying objects in the cloud

$Permissions default permissions for newly created objects ("Private", "Public", ...)

SourceLink link to source for content

Mail & Messages »

SendMail send email, including attachments etc.

SendMessage send messages to external networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

ChannelListen listen to messages from external services

External Services »

ServiceConnect connect to the API for an external service

ServiceExecute send content and execute commands