is an option for CloudObject and related cloud functions that specifies the source of the content given.


  • Possible settings include:
  • CloudObject[]take the specified cloud object as the source
    Automaticset the source from the current value of $SourceLink
    Nonenever give source
  • The target of SourceLink for a particular cloud object is typically a notebook document that serves as the source for the content in the cloud object.
  • With its default setting SourceLink->Automatic, CloudDeploy takes the source link for the deployed cloud object to be the cloud object corresponding to the current notebook, if this exists.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Deploy an object from a cloud notebook, automatically generating a link back to itself:

The deployed object view has a Source button in the upper right:

Deploy with a cloud notebook given as the source:

View the source link setting:

Deploy without a source link:

Confirm that there is no source link:

Possible Issues  (2)

Deploy some sample source code to a private object:

Publish a simple message to the world:

Associate the message with its source link:

The Source button is not present for viewers:

In the case of a named source notebook, care must be taken when changing the name of the source notebook.

Associate a the source notebook to a named public object:

Publish the notebook:

Associate the notebook with its source notebook:

Rename the source notebook in the cloud application environment:

The source link points to the old location of the object:

As a result, CloudGet will no longer work:

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