specifies that expr should be exported in the specified format in functions like CloudDeploy and in external results from APIFunction and FormFunction.


specifies that when expr is exported, it should be tagged as having the specified MIME type.


  • All formats supported by Export can be specified in ExportForm.
  • Common cases include:
  • "HTML"pure static HTML
    "CDF"downloadable standalone CDF
    "GIF","JPEG","PNG",GIF, JPEG, PNG, ... image
    "Text"plain text (OutputForm)
    "String"single string without line breaks
    "WL"Wolfram Language input
    "JSON"JSON representation of an association or list of rules
  • The following additional formats are also supported:
  • "HTMLThemed"static HTML with built-in theme
    "HTMLPaneled"HTML content in a panel
    "CloudCDF"CDF with interactive components in the cloud
    "CloudCDFElement"embeddable interactive CDF element in the cloud
  • The format None specifies that expr should be passed through without change.
  • ExportForm supports the same options as Export, including ImageFormattingWidth and ImageSize, for appropriate formats.


Basic Examples  (2)

Deploy a graphic to the cloud as a GIF image:

Import the image from the cloud:

Deploy a Graphics expression to the cloud:

Import the Graphics expression:

The imported object is a Wolfram Language expression, not an image:

Deploy a list of rules to the cloud in JSON format:

Retrieve the rules from the cloud:

Introduced in 2014
Updated in 2015