Summary of New Features in 10.3

A list of key new features since 10.2.

Core Language

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UpTo specify up to a number of elements or parts

Comparison Operators

EqualTo operator form for Equal

GreaterThan  ▪  GreaterEqualThan  ▪  LessThan  ▪  LessEqualThan

Between check if a number is contained in a given interval


IntegerReverse  ▪  PalindromeQ

Echoing from Programs

Echo display and return a result

EchoFunction apply a function before displaying

Associations »

KeyMemberQ  ▪  KeyFreeQ  ▪  KeyCollisionFunction

Grid Interface

TextGrid 2D ("spreadsheet") grid with textual elements

Knowledge Representation and Data

Entity Representation

EntityInstance an instance of an entity (e.g. 5 kg of gold, USA in 1922, etc.)

EntityCopies multiple copies of an entity (e.g. 10 baseballs)

EntityGroup a group of entities treated as one (e.g. hamburger and fries)

New Types of Data

AnatomyData extensive data on human anatomical structures

MortalityData current and historical human mortality data for many countries

StandardOceanData detailed properties of the standard ocean model

MathematicalFunctionData properties and relations for mathematical functions

Textual & Linguistic Computation

Word-Oriented Computation

WordList lists of words of various types in many languages

RandomWord random word of a specified type

PartOfSpeech  ▪  WordDefinition  ▪  IncludeInflections

Text Analysis »

TextStructure parse text into its grammatical structure

TextElement symbolic representation of tagged text


WordTranslation translations of words in many languages

Transliterate transliterate between writing scripts

AlphabeticSort sort according to the conventions of a given language

AlphabeticOrder  ▪  CaseOrdering  ▪  IgnorePunctuation

Text Patterns

NoWhitespace  ▪  PunctuationCharacter

Geo & Date Computation

Travel Paths

TravelDirections compute travel paths and directions

TravelTime  ▪  TravelDistance  ▪  TravelDirectionsData

Geographic Regions

GeoArea area of a geographic region

Time Zones

TimeZoneOffset numeric offset between different time zones

$SystemTimeZone  ▪  $TimeZoneEntity

Time Series Visualization

DateListStepPlot stepwise plots of time series

Mathematical Algorithms

Partial Differential Equations »

DSolve extensive support for symbolic solutions of partial differential equations

DEigensystem symbolic eigenvalues and eigenfunctions for ODEs and PDEs

DEigenvalues symbolic eigenvalues for ODEs and PDEs

NDSolve support for hybrid numerical PDEs

Signal Processing »

BandpassFilter now supports quality factor specifications

BandstopFilter  ▪  LeastSquaresFilterKernel

Probability & Statistics

Matrix Distributions »

WishartMatrixDistribution matrix-valued chi-squared distribution

MatrixNormalDistribution  ▪  MatrixTDistribution  ▪  InverseWishartMatrixDistribution  ▪  ...

Gaussian Structured Matrix Distributions

GaussianOrthogonalMatrixDistribution Gaussian symmetric matrices (GOE)

GaussianUnitaryMatrixDistribution  ▪  GaussianSymplecticMatrixDistribution

Uniform Structured Matrix Distributions

CircularRealMatrixDistribution uniform orthogonal matrices (CRE)

CircularUnitaryMatrixDistribution  ▪  CircularQuaternionMatrixDistribution  ▪  CircularOrthogonalMatrixDistribution  ▪  CircularSymplecticMatrixDistribution

Matrix Property Distributions

MatrixPropertyDistribution distribution properties of matrices

TracyWidomDistribution scaled largest eigenvalue of random symmetric matrices

MarchenkoPasturDistribution singular values of Wishart matrices

Probability Distribution

ShiftedGompertzDistribution technology adoption distribution

Deployment & External Operations

Cloud Deployment

FormPage symbolic representation of a deployable form+result page

ExportForm support for new web-oriented output forms (e.g. "HTMLThemed")

GenerateHTTPResponse simulate web server behavior for APIFunction etc.

Network Programming »

HostLookup look up an IP address or host name (DNS and reverse DNS)

IPAddress symbolic representation of an IPv4 or IPv6 IP address

SocketConnect open a connection to a server at a given socket address

SocketObject symbolic representation of a connected socket