Summary of New Features in 10.2

A list of key new features since 10.1.

Core Language

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Functional Programming »

BlockMap map a function over blocks in an array

SequenceFoldList generalization of FoldList allowing more than one step of history

FoldPairList generalization of FoldList separating state from output at each step

SequenceFold  ▪  FoldPair


Nothing an element to automatically remove from a list

ContainsAll check if a list or association is fully contained in another

ContainsAny check if any element of a list or association is contained in another

ContainsExactly  ▪  ContainsNone  ▪  ContainsOnly  ▪  BinaryDistance

TakeDrop split a list into non-overlapping parts

ArrayFilter general neighborhood filtering for arrays of any depth

Testing Utilities

FailureQ  ▪  MissingQ

Language Information

WolframLanguageData computable data about functions and their connections

Core Algorithms

ODE and PDE Eigensystems »

NDEigenvalues eigenvalues for ODEs and PDEs over regions with boundary constraints

NDEigensystem eigenvalues and eigenfunctions for ODEs and PDEs

Graphs & Networks »

NearestNeighborGraph -nearest neighbor graph

RelationGraph graph from finite relations

NestGraph connectivity from nested function applications

FindHamiltonianPath, FindShortestTour traveling salesman with start and end

Linear Algebra

Permanent  ▪  SmithDecomposition

Machine Learning »

FindFormula find simple functions that approximate data

ImageIdentify (modified) faster processing and extensive additional training

Sequence Alignment and Comparison »

LongestOrderedSequence  ▪  LongestCommonSequencePositions  ▪  LongestCommonSubsequencePositions

Computational Systems & Functions

SubstitutionSystem iterated substitutions yielding fractals etc.

ThueMorse  ▪  RudinShapiro  ▪  GoldenAngle

Number Digits »

NumberDecompose decompose a number according to a basis (e.g. coinage)

MixedRadix  ▪  RomanNumeral  ▪  FromRomanNumeral


Volume Slice Visualization

SliceDensityPlot3D densities over surfaces sliced through a volume

SliceContourPlot3D contours over surfaces sliced through a volume

SliceVectorPlot3D vector fields over surfaces sliced through a volume

ListSliceDensityPlot3D  ▪  ListSliceContourPlot3D  ▪  ListSliceVectorPlot3D

Volume Density Visualization

DensityPlot3D densities across a volume

ListSliceDensityPlot3D  ▪  OpacityFunction  ▪  OpacityFunctionScaling

Discrete Data Visualization

ListStepPlot stepwise plots of data

Statistical Visualization »

Histogram now supporting "intensity" measures (events per unit length)

Histogram3D  ▪  DensityHistogram  ▪  SmoothHistogram  ▪  SmoothHistogram3D  ▪  ...

Geometric Computing

Basic Regions »

RegularPolygon a regular -gon

Annulus an annulus (area between two concentric circles)

SphericalShell  ▪  Insphere  ▪  DiskSegment  ▪  StadiumShape  ▪  CapsuleShape  ▪  Hyperplane  ▪  HalfSpace  ▪  AffineSpace  ▪  AffineHalfSpace

PolyhedronData now can produce BoundaryMeshRegion data etc.

KnotData  ▪  SolidData  ▪  LaminaData

Mesh Regions »

DiscretizeRegion dramatically improved region discretization

MeshCellShapeFunction detailed control over automatic mesh visualization

PlotTheme support for plot themes in mesh visualization

MeshCellHighlight  ▪  BoundaryDiscretizeRegion  ▪  MeshRegion  ▪  ...

Region Operations »

RandomPoint generate random points uniformly in any region

Geometric Transforms »

EulerMatrix intrinsic angles to 3D rotation matrix

EulerAngles 3D rotation matrix to intrinsic angles

RollPitchYawMatrix  ▪  RollPitchYawAngles

Geometry File Formats »

"STL" dramatically improved STL import/export support

"PLY"  ▪  "OFF"  ▪  "OBJ"

Image & Signal Processing

Computational Photography »

ColorToneMapping transform an HDR image so small luminance variations are visible

ImageExposureCombine create an image from images with different exposure

ImageFocusCombine create a high depth of focus image from multiple images

ColorBalance  ▪  GuidedFilter

General Updates & Generalizations

ImagePad pad using textures synthesis

HighlightImage highlight any region

Inpaint  ▪  ImageAlign  ▪  Thumbnail  ▪  FindGeometricTransform  ▪  ColorDistance

ButterworthFilterModel  ▪  Chebyshev1FilterModel

Time Series & Statistics

Support for Arithmetic on Time Series

TimeSeries, EventSeries arithmetic on time series objects now works automatically

Support for Irregular Time Series

BandpassFilter  ▪  BandstopFilter  ▪  DifferentiatorFilter  ▪  HarmonicMeanFilter  ▪  HighpassFilter  ▪  HilbertFilter  ▪  LowpassFilter  ▪  MaxFilter  ▪  MeanFilter  ▪  MedianFilter  ▪  MinFilter  ▪  RangeFilter

General Updates & Generalizations

BaringhausHenzeTest multivariate goodness-of-fit hypothesis test

DistributionFitTest  ▪  ProbabilityDistribution

Date and Time »

DateHistogram histogram date or time frequencies

JulianDate  ▪  FromJulianDate  ▪  TimeObjectQ

Cloud Operations & Deployment

Automatic Mail Processing »

MailReceiverFunction set up functions to be activated by mail messages

MailResponseFunction  ▪  ReturnReceiptFunction

Cloud Execution Metadata »

CloudLoggingData generate logs for cloud object accesses

Cloud Permissions Control »

CloudPublish make a document or cloud object public

CloudShare share cloud objects with particular users

SetPermissions  ▪  ClearPermissions

Cloud Updating & Caching

UpdateInterval specify how often a deployed web page should be updated

CachePersistence specify how long a web page should be cached so it is fast to view

Private Clouds

CloudBase option to specify different base URLs for clouds

ContinuousTask task to be executed continuously (mainly for private clouds)

Background & Scheduled Tasks »

CloudSubmit submit an expression for asynchronous cloud evaluation

Persistent Local Objects »

LocalObject a new anonymous local object

LocalSymbol a persistent symbol, stored locally

$DefaultLocalBase  ▪  $LocalBase  ▪  $LocalSymbolBase


LinkActivate activate a WSTP link

Text Search & Analysis

Text Search »

TextSearch search an index or directory, returning a list of documents

TextSearchReport generate a computable search results page

Snippet textual snippet of a document

ContentObject symbolic representation of documents

CreateSearchIndex  ▪  UpdateSearchIndex  ▪  DeleteSearchIndex

Text Analysis »

TextCases cases of structural or semantic forms in text

TextPosition positions of structural or semantic forms

Character Operations »

Alphabet access to non-English alphabets added

CharacterName names of all Unicode characters

International Annotation

TranslationOptions control how function name translations are displayed

External Data & Services

Curated Data

RandomEntity random entity of any type ("Country", "Chemical", etc.)

"AnatomicalStructure" detailed geometry and properties of human anatomy

Importing and Exporting »

"RawJSON" streamlined JSON with direct conversion of associations

Connected Services

"Twilio"  ▪  "Pushbullet"  ▪  "Flickr"  ▪  "MailChimp"  ▪  "Mixpanel"  ▪  "SeatGeek"

"BingSearch"  ▪  "GoogleCustomSearch"  ▪  "OpenLibrary"  ▪  "Factual"

"MicrosoftTranslator"  ▪  "GoogleTranslate"