gives the integer corresponding to the Roman numeral "string".


  • Numerals can be specified with either upper- or lowercase characters.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Convert a Roman numeral into a decimal integer:

Convert a list of Roman numerals into respective decimal integers:

Scope  (3)

Roman numerals can be given in upper case, in lower case, or a mixture of both:

The numeral "N" represents the integer 0:

FromRomanNumeral threads automatically over lists of numerals:

Properties & Relations  (2)

RomanNumeral converts a decimal integer into its Roman numeral form:

FromRomanNumeral["string"] is equivalent to FromDigits["string","Roman"]:

Possible Issues  (1)

FromRomanNumeral can interpret nonstandard forms of Roman numerals, with a warning message:

In fact, any combination of valid digits is interpreted as an integer:

Introduced in 2015